Emerging Leaders 2014-2015 Sticky


A Great Opportunity to Develop Your Leadership Skills!

In five full-day sessions (October through March), librarians with five or less years of experience in the profession and/or NJ librarianship will have the opportunity to:

NJLA Committee Internship Program Sticky

The NJLA Committee Internship Program (CIP) provides an opportunity for library school students to become familiar with the New Jersey Library Association, particularly its committees; to network with peers and library leaders from around the state; and to participate in service learning. CIP offers the possibility to connect, to learn, to succeed, to advance, and to lead. Only 18 openings available. Deadline: Sept 12, 2014

Governor Vetos Library Funding

NJLA is very disappointed that Governor Christie vetoed the $3 million increase in state aid approved by the Legislature in the 2015 state budget. We appreciate the strong bipartisan support from so many in the Legislature as well as the many library advocates who worked on this effort.

Apply for an NJLA Committee

Now is the time to apply to be appointed for a NJLA Committee! Click here to do it now!  All committees have limited spots, so be ready to rank your top three choices.  Most appointments are for two years.  Not sure what options there are and what each committee does?  Click here.

NJLA Publications Committee Guidelines for Use of Social Media

Adopted 6/15/10, updated 6/16/14

All New Jersey Library Association (NJLA) social networking sites should adhere to the following guidelines to ensure that we represent a single, unified organization:

NJLA Statement on Meeting Room Policies

As limited public forums, NJLA supports the use of public spaces in libraries for a wide variety of activities. Libraries may limit certain services and resources to residents and cardholders, but should in all other respects welcome members of the public into their public spaces.

One Book New Jersey Celebrates Our 350th Anniversary!

One Book New Jersey is a program designed to bring people together through literature by encouraging them to read the same book and participate in discussions and other events centered on that book. One Book New Jersey celebrates reading, literacy, and all that New Jersey's libraries do. Although this program has historically been modeled on other "One Book" programs throughout the country, New Jersey's program is rather unique. We involve not just one community, but the whole state.

Passing of Thomas W. Schear

NJLA is sorry to announce the passing of Thomas W.

NJLA Statement on Federal Funding for Libraries

The current proposed House Budget says "The Federal Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) is an independent agency that makes grants to museums and libraries. This is not a core federal responsibility".

FY15 State Budget

Governor Christie has recommended flat funding for library programs in the  state budget beginning July 1, 2014.  If enacted, it will be the fifth straight year that library funding has remained flat.  The proposed budget is 20% larger than the FY11 budget.


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