Federal Records Librarian, Edison, NJ
Tuesday, January 11, 2022 11:06 AM

Federal Records Librarian
Edison, NJ


  • Assist the Agency in the implementation of all phases of a records disposition program including records identification, retirement to inactive storage, recall from inactive storage, and destruction
  • Maintain and update inventory reports (in MS Access database) for 4 separate records centers; the records may be in any medium (e.g. paper, microform, optical, electronic, audiovisual, cartographic, etc.)
  • Respond to requests from Agency staff and contractors, the public, and other federal agencies made verbally (by phone or in person), electronically, or written, for information from or about the record holdings; perform extensive searches for specific documents or data
  • Provide assistance to Agency staff with retrieval of stored electronic records; retrieve hard copy files for Agency staff and public stakeholders and refile documents when returned
  • File original hard copy documents in a logical, systematical, consistent manner to facilitate retrieval upon request from Agency staff; track and record the flow of hard copy documents in and out of the records center
  • Prepare documents for input into the records management system by organizing documents, identifying document boundaries, identifying duplicate documents, verifying document completeness, and identifying and flagging oversized or unscannable documents for special handling
  • Responsible for all activities related to the management and maintenance of documents and records
  • Catalog documents in the database according to Agency specified standard operating procedures; capture required metadata fields; perform a final QA/QC on the cataloging metadata and PDF file
  • Respond to Freedom of Information Act requests or Congressional Inquiries or Enforcement Support consistent with Agency and program policy and procedures
  • File original hard copy documents in a logical, systematical, consistent manner to facilitate retrieval upon request from Agency staff
  • U.S. citizenship mandatory
  • ALA accredited Master’s of Library Science degree with an emphasis in information/computer technology
  • Demonstrated knowledge of file formats, media migration, metadata, database management, and digitization techniques
  • Experience cataloging records in an automated environment; knowledge of electronic and traditional cataloging standards
  • Intermediate level experience with MS Excel and MS Access, and Microfiche
  • Experience with scanning, indexing, assigning metadata, preparing and retrieving records from the FRC
  • Proven ability to work effectively with management, employees, and customers
  • Effective oral, written, and interpersonal communication skills with ability to communicate effectively
  • Demonstrated ability to work independently as well as collaboratively with diverse constituencies
  • Ability to learn specialized records

Apply here: URL: https://cadence-group.com/job-descriptions/#federal-records-librarian-edison-nj


MLS or Library School Required:

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