NJLA Statement in Support of the Ukrainian Library Community

The New Jersey Library Association (NJLA) stands with our Ukrainian colleagues, and all the people of Ukraine, as they resist the ongoing and unprovoked attack by Putin’s Russia. We affirm that libraries and library workers are integral to a successful battle against disinformation campaigns and pledge to do our part to help assure accurate information is available to all. We are in awe of the Ukrainian library community’s staunch and unwavering support for their country, their libraries, and their citizens. NJLA stands with them in support and solidarity. We also pledge our support to our Ukrainian-American colleagues during this most difficult time.

We express our concern for the people of Ukraine and for the symbols of its rich cultural and literary history now at risk. We call on US and international leaders to do all possible to restore peace and security to Ukraine and offer our colleagues at the Ukrainian Library Association this heartfelt and public show of support.

The Executive Board of the New Jersey Library Association
March 4, 2022

Link to this statement: https://www.njla.org/njla-statement-in-support-of-the-ukrainian-library-community