Letter to Dr. Hancock Regarding New Jersey Library Construction Bond Application Deadline


March 16, 2020
Dr. Merodie Hancock
President, Thomas Edison State University
111 W. State St.
Trenton, NJ 08625

Dear Dr. Hancock,

On behalf of the membership of the New Jersey Library Association, I am requesting that you extend the deadline for submission of applications for the New Jersey Library Construction Bond Act. Since Thomas Edison University is statutorily responsible for the implementation of this grant program, we believe you have the authorization to grant this request.

Our nation is facing an unprecedented crisis caused by the coronavirus.  Most governmental services (including most public libraries) will be closed for at least the next two weeks.  The burden of completing this application is providing undue stress on many in the library community who are already worried about the safety of their families and community. In addition, many municipalities will not be able to get the needed authorizations from governmental officials to complete this application that are required to meet the deadline.

The membership of the NJLA worked very hard promoting the passage of the NJ Construction Bond Act with both the Legislature and the public.   We strongly believe that every library in New Jersey must have adequate time to complete this application in order to receive fair consideration for funding.  The New Jersey Library Construction Bond Act will transform library services in New Jersey.  All communities must be given an opportunity to compete fairly for this program.


Jennifer Schureman Brenner, President, New Jersey Library Association

Cc. Mary Chute, NJ State Librarian

PDF Version: https://www.njla.org/assets/letter%20to%20doctor%20hancock.docx.pdf