Library Service Awards

Library Service Awards

Through the LIBRARY SERVICE AWARD and the TRUSTEE RECOGNITION AWARD, the New Jersey Library Association seeks to recognize those who have given of themselves in exceptional service to New Jersey’s libraries during 2022.  Please note: the nominee need not excel in all of the criteria below to be nominated.
  1. Three awards will be given:
    1. One to an individual
    2. One to a Friends / volunteer / community group
    3. One to a library group (regional, county, state)
  2. Nominees may be an outstanding individual or group associated with library services, including but not limited to library staff members, who:
    1. Improves library services through sustained or recent contributions
    2. Promotes the use of the library and its services to the community
    3. Initiates significant library service or activity
    4. Supports the principles of intellectual freedom
    5. Advances inter-library cooperation to expand resources / services
    6. Actively participates in one or more regional, state, and national library advocacy organizations


  1. This award recognizes individuals who are:
    1. Promoting the use of the library and developing recognition of its place in the community
    2. Making a significant contribution to library legislation
    3. Demonstrating commitment to the principles of intellectual freedom
    4. Providing budgets adequate for expanding library services, maintaining quality facilities, and enabling cultural and educational programs
    5. Promoting excellence in personnel standards and working conditions
    6. Actively participating in one or more regional, state, and national library advocacy organizations

Use the online submission form to upload a statement of support and provide additional documentation with detailed information about the qualifications of the nominee. Keeping in mind the established criteria.


Equal consideration will be given to trustees regardless of size or type of library. The Committee will consider a previous award recipient in the awarding of the Service and Trustee awards; however, in order to be considered for a second award, the first award must not have been received in the past five years. The nomination for the second award must be for a different reason or project than the reason for which the first was awarded.

Friday, March 31, 2023