NJLA Statement on Professional Development

"The library is a growing organism" ~S.R. Ranganathan

The finest libraries are learning organizations that support and encourage opportunities for staff to grow and develop. The changing and increasing expectations of patrons require a library staff that continues to be competent, current and customer-focused. This can only be achieved through professional development, which is critical to revitalizing the skills and energies of librarians as they work with colleagues and patrons.

Professional development is an ongoing process that comprises the sum total of formal and informal learning experiences throughout one's career. It may include a wide variety of activities that enhance professional performance and personal growth, including:

  • attending workshops, classes and conferences;
  • actively participating in professional organizations;
  • presenting workshops and programs at conferences;
  • contributing articles and reviews to the professional literature;
  • reading professional and other pertinent literature to stay current;
  • communicating with or visiting other libraries and librarians;
  • and pursuing ancillary studies that strengthen our skills as librarians.

The New Jersey Library Association recommends that all librarians be proactive in planning and pursuing their own path of professional development. The Association also encourages library boards and administrators to provide funding and programs that will allow librarians in New Jersey to have continued growth throughout their careers so that our libraries remain institutions of excellence.

Submitted by the NJLA Professional Development Committee January 2002
Last Updated : Sat, 26 Jan 2002 15:15:33 GMT