NJLA Statement on Proposed Changes to N.J. A. C. Title 9A

November 5, 2015
Eric Taylor, Director, Office of Licensure
Office of the Secretary of Higher Education
Trenton, NJ 08625-0542

Dear Mr. Taylor,

The members of the New Jersey Library Association heartily support the letter written by Joseph Toth, chairperson of the VALE Executive Committee, regarding specific recommendations to the proposed regulations to N.J. A. C. Title 9A. 

We have reviewed the proposed regulations and concur with the representatives of VALE that the retention of those key sentences in Title 9A strengthen the mission of the academic library to be the center of information literacy functions in the academic community. 

We live in an extremely complex information environment where the ability to locate, evaluate and use information is an essential skill.  Title 9A regulations must retain a strong foundation for information literacy in order to ensure that all students are equipped to succeed in every academic discipline.  Librarians are uniquely qualified through academic qualifications, continuing education and professional engagement to lead information literacy activities for every student.  Providing students with lifelong skills is at the heart of the academic learning experience. 

All libraries in New Jersey are members of the New Jersey Library Network a consortium of over 2000 of all types of libraries including public, school and academic.  One of the primary goals of the network is to share information resources among libraries.  Our libraries are extremely dependent on each other.  Although most our members work in public libraries, we rely on our academic community to ensure that students and graduates of our academic institutions in New Jersey have fundamental information literacy skills to ensure their ability to continue to be self-sufficient independent learners in the future. These skills will assist them as they utilize the community resources of our public library. The goal of all learning must be continued growth and development as our students become the leaders of tomorrow.

We request the continued support of Secretary Hendricks and the Office of Higher Education to ensure that this goal becomes a reality. We again reiterate our support for the suggestions put forth by VALE.


Patricia A. Tumulty, Executive Director, New Jersey Library Association

PDF Version: https://njla.memberclicks.net/assets/docs/NJAC%20Comments%20on%20Libraries.pdf