Participate in 2024’s SnapShot Month

Snapshot Month is an annual celebration where the New Jersey library community comes together to document the wonderful people, places, events, materials, and experiences that make up a day in the life of the library. NJ Library Snapshot Day first started in 2007 as a response to the question What would happen if libraries went away, even for a day? and has since grown to encompass the entire month of February. This year, 2024 New Jersey Library Snapshot Month will begin on February 1st through February 29th. 

To make this a success we need your participation! We invite you to share your images and stories to social media #NJLibrariesSnapShot. These photos will then be shared to the I Love NJ Libraries Instagram and Facebook. 

While statistics help quantify what is happening in libraries, photos and stories make these numbers personal. By sharing your photos, you help to put a human face on library usage that helps legislators, administrators, voters, and other library stakeholders identify with the essential work that New Jersey libraries do every day.


Here is how you can get involved and celebrate Snapshot Day in your library:

  1. Register. Fill out a brief form to let people know you are participating in Snapshot Day and have your library listed on the map of participating locations.

  2. Follow. @ilovenjlibraries and #NJLibrariesSnapshot on Facebook and Instagram

  3. Share. the pictures, comments, and stories throughout the month of February on social media using the hashtag #NJLibrariesSnapshot. (By using this hashtag, you give NJLA permission to use these pictures, comments, and stories in statewide library advocacy efforts.) 

  4. Win. Each photo you share is an entry into a raffle contest where your library can win a prize provided by Baker and Taylor!

Questions? Email [email protected]