December 1, 2022


We're making improvements! To keep NJLA members up-to-date on what projects are in the works, we put together a roadmap detailing recently completed, in-development, and planned projects for the next year. 

November 2, 2022


Bradbury Miller has published the job posting for NJLA's new executive director. Below is a link to the job posting. Please share with your colleagues and professional networks.


October 27, 2022


The New Jersey Library Association (NJLA) and the Sustainable Libraries Initiative (SLI) have announced a new partnership to provide resources and tools to all NJLA members that will accelerate work in New Jersey’s libraries to build communities that will thrive when faced with the challenges of climate change.


October 13, 2022


Early enrollment is open! Help us beta test the new Enhanced Institutional Membership (EIM). EIM covers ALL employees within the organization.



Established in 1890, the NJLA is the oldest and largest library organization in New Jersey.

The New Jersey Library Association:

  • Advocates for the advancement of library services for the residents of New Jersey
  • Provides continuing education & networking opportunities for librarians
  • Supports the principles of intellectual freedom & promotes access to library materials for all
  • Creates opportunities for new and future librarians
  • Strengthens our professional community

Our office in Bordentown, NJ provides services to over 1700 members.


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NJLA Executive Board Full statement - Black Lives Matter

Black lives matter. NJLA acknowledges the structural racism in our organization and profession, and NJLA must do better.

NJLA Executive Board Full statement - Black Lives Matter The New Jersey Library Association stands in solidarity with the Black community, librarians, library workers, library users and with members of the communities we serve. We want our Black, People of Color and marginalized members to know you are valued, affirmed and supported. NJLA acknowledges that in order to continue moving forward, there needs to be consistent work towards recognizing our own biases, welcoming change and taking actions that impact policies and create positive change in the direction of equity and inclusion.

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