Enhanced Institutional Membership

Coming January 1, 2023

The New Jersey Library Association is excited to announce Enhanced Institutional Memberships (EIM)! Starting on January 1, 2023, library organizations can apply for EIM, which includes membership for all staff at all levels of the organization.

If your personal membership is set to expire soon, NJLA has set up a system to create shorter-term individual memberships to cover this transitional gap. You can still renew your membership now, and then be covered by your institution when it joins as an EIM, without any fear of gaps in communication or unnecessary overpayment. Use the links below to renew your individual membership at any time during this six-month gap period.

Don't forget that there are still barrier-free ways to join or renew your NJLA membership, including applying for sponsored membership (free to you, no questions asked) or by selecting the hardship rate on the individual membership application form.

What's great about EIM?

  • It removes the cost barrier that many library workers face
  • It helps employers provide consistent continuing education and engagement opportunities
  • It supports wider, more diverse participation in NJLA
  • It creates enhanced opportunities for engagement with colleagues throughout NJLA
  • It provides discounted attendance at NJLA events for all employees
  • It supports equity, diversity, & inclusion by allowing more library workers to be active members of NJLA, making an association that better reflects the racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic make-up of libraries throughout the state
  • For many organizations, it's cost-effective because it eliminates the need to underwrite the cost of NJLA Personal Membership for multiple employees

What's great about NJLA membership? YOU.

Download the flyer for more information.

Sign up for a gap-period membership here.

Link to this page: njla.org/eim