Why am I getting an error when I try to sign up for EIM?
This error typically occurs when you are trying to access the signup form while already logged into an existing account. All EIM accounts must be newly created. Please follow the instructions on this page. If you still have trouble accessing the form, send an email to Alicia at [email protected].

How will staff members of EIMs be entered into the NJLA Membership Database to be able to receive NJLA benefits and communications?
The institution's key contact will be given instructions on how to enter their staff into Memberclicks and the NJLA staff will be able to assist those who need help. Email Alicia at [email protected] for assistance.

What happens to a member’s status if they leave an organization with EIM?
If they leave one EIM organization to go to another, the new employer notifies NJLA to switch the membership over. If the person leaves an EIM organization for one that is not EIM, their membership is moved out of active status and into prospect status and they can sign up for an individual membership.

What if I work with multiple EIM organizations? With whom am I affiliated?
Each employer will report your inclusion in the EIM program. Notes will be added to your member record listing multiple memberships under EIM.

Will NJLA issue partial refunds for overlapping memberships?
NJLA does not issue refunds on previously paid memberships.

Can a school district join under a single EIM?
School districts are not eligible for the EIM program. School Library Media Specialists can still join as individual members.

How does this work for academic libraries, including a multi-campus University (e.g. Rutgers)?
To provide flexibility to academic libraries, the fee is based on the annual budget of each individual library including all staff and operating costs for that location.

As a key contact for my organization's Enhanced Institutional Membership, how do I add or remove staff members from the organization?
Click here for step-by-step instructions.

Who will be providing the presentations and letter writing for libraries and what topics can we request support for?
The NJLA executive director and/or related committee (ex: Public Policy, Intellectual Freedom, Executive) can write letters and make presentations advocating for a variety of topics including but not limited to:

  • Library Funding
  • Against Censorship/Book Bannings
  • Against the privatization of libraries
  • For library municipalization on the ballot

For Billing questions, please contact the office at [email protected]
For Technical Support questions, please contact Alicia at [email protected]